Qualifications for Permanent Absentee Voters:

  • Must be a qualified registered elector of the Commonwealth and of the election district.
  • Must be unable because of illness or physical disability to attend his or her polling place on the day of any primary or election or operate a voting machine.
  • Must attain the certification of his or her attending physician that he or she is permanently disabled, and physically unable to attend the polls or operate a voting machine.

Explanation of Permanent Absentee Voter Status:

  • An absentee ballot application will be mailed to permanent absentee voters for each primary or election as long as he or she is eligible to vote.
  • Permanent absentee voters are not required to file a physician’s certificate of disability with each application for absentee ballot, but such person must submit a written statement asserting continuing disability every four years in order to maintain his or her eligibility to vote under the permanent absentee program.
  • If a permanent absentee voter should lose his or her disability, he or she must inform the county board of elections of the county of his residence.

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